Linux basics for dummies

What is it?

Linux Commands

$ echo “hello”
$ pwd
$ cd /home/admin/Downloads/
$ ls
$ ls -l
$ man ls
$ clear
$ exit


CRUD operations on file and folder levels

$ touch hello-world.txt
$ mkdir Unix
$ nano hello-world.txt$ vim hello-world.txt
$ grep 'how' hello-world.txt
Hey, how are you!
$ cat hello-world my-dog.txt | grep 'are'
Hey, how are you!
Dogs are the best! Man's best friend for a reason! Aren't the
$ echo "I am fine" >> hello-world.txt
$ mv Unix/ Learn-Unix/
$ cp hello-world.txt /home/admin/Documents/
$ rm hello-world.txt
$ rmdir Unix/
$ rm -r Unix/



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